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Solar Heating Systems & Panels for Swimming Pools


Sunquest Solar Heating System

The SunQuest is a swimming pool solar heating system designed for use on both inground and above ground swimming pools. The SunQuest is an easy do-it-yourself installation heating system that comes with simple step by step instructions. They can be mounted on a roof or rack or simply laid on the ground beside your pool. The existing filter pump sends the cold pool water through the solar panel. The water is heated with the sun’s energy and warm water is returned to the pool. The result is luxuriously warm water in your pool for your swimming enjoyment.

Our Header:

SunQuest's 2" OD headers are molded directly over the absorber. This differs from others that less securely weld their parts together. By over-molding, the headers and riser become one solid piece, no seems or welds to crack. 2" headers allow better water flow to the risers and less restriction for the pool pump, compared to 1½" headers. This is critical when more than one or two panels are to be connected together. SunQuest panels are the only Do-it-Yourself system that has 2" OD headers just like all professionally installed systems.

Sunquest Solar Heating Panel Corner Panel Sample

Our Absorber:

SunQuest's absorber is a "tube-on-fin" design that catches the sun's rays from all angles efficiently, for maximum exposure to the sun for better heating. "Tube-on-fin" also permits significantly better vertical and horizontal expansion & contraction, the second most damaging factor to solar panels, … the sun's ultraviolet rays is the first.

Sunquest Solar Heating Panel Absorber Cross-Section

Our Materials:

Our panels are constructed of a UV Protected High-Density polymer material which gives high UV resistance and superior flexibility and elasticity in freezing temperatures and has proven to withstand even the harshest climate conditions. SunQuest panels contain up to 50% more polymer and UV stabilizers than other panels. This means better resistance to the elements and a much longer life expectancy. Every Solar panel is pressure tested with water at the factory to insure there are on leaks, before the panels are rolled & boxed.

Our Design:

Many other panels are designed using a less costly subplenum with small waterways, between the headers and absorber. SunQuests 2" OD headers connect directly to full size riser tubes minimizing water pressure, protecting panels from clogging and insuring easier draining for winterizing.

SunQuest's are engineered to minimize increases in backpressure that reduces pump & filtration system performance. An importanr feature as more pools are adding additional products, like cleaners and clorinators, which raise system pressure near maximum recommended limits.

Overall a balance of rugged construction and design efficiency, that optimizes performance!

Ground mounted panel

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Roof mounted panel

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